Lost in Dreams

21 06 2008

So last night I had a dream that I registered for some college classes. My schedule was Hell – I was in classes on Thursday evenings from about 6pm until 1am and packed full of classes like Calculus and Economics all in two or three hour blocks. I was planning to drop a few as soon as possible. In my Medieval Studies course, I discovered I was sitting mere desks away from Michael Emerson.


We talked a little bit and in my babbling I let slip that I had actually taken notes on the Season 4 Finale. Oh, I was embarassed. I never intended to come across THAT geeky. He commented on that and I think I replied with an extremely mature and well-phrased argument along the lines of, “Shut up, it’s a good show!” It was a friendly sort of “shut up” not a rude one.

After class I had an epiphany. Clearly, Emerson was taking the course as research for Lost, right? So clearly that means that next season will take place in the 1200’s or so. You heard it here, folks. Zombie Season has been replaced with Knights of the Roundtable Season.


7 Days: Day 7 (At Sunset)

21 06 2008

7 Days: Day 7 (At Sunset)
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Today is the Summer Solstice and we gathered with two other families at the bay tonight to watch the sun set and generally welcome in the summer. The kids splashed in the water (I am a BAD MOMMY for not thinking to bring swim suits or at least an extra change of clothes), lit candles, danced around the fire, and tossed around a sun pinata filled with lollipops and trail mix. It was a beautiful night and I’m still high from it.

See the rest of the set here. (I’ve made the photos of other people’s kids for friends/family only cause I have no idea if they want their kids all over the interwebs.)