7 Days: Day 6 (Embrace the Flaky)

19 06 2008

7 Days: Day 6 (Embrace the Flaky)
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Here is the story of my day:

There is a new branch of a church opening in my town and I’ve gotten myself on the RE (religious ed) committee. There was a meeting today up at the home church about 25 minutes north of here. I catch a woman I know on the way in and together we spot the director of RE, not in a meeting.

"Oh good!" I thought, "I’m not late after all! She’s only heading there now."

HA. Turns out the meeting was yesterday and not today at all.

"But surely," I thought, "They told me Thursday b/c THAT’S WHAT I WROTE ON MY CALENDAR."

HA. I had it written on Wednesday. Very clearly.


I hate that. Aside from the gas I wasted and the fact that the RE director had to spend another 45 minutes of her time going over notes with me (didn’t HAVE to, obviously, she’s just super nice), I am most upset with myself for being flaky. I am a flaky person and it DRIVES ME NUTS. I do my best to hide it and pretend I am totally on the ball 100% of the time.

There is a scene from an old episode of Friends (as opposed to the new episodes, you know) where Monica and Rachel accuse Phoebe of being flaky and she responds, "That’s true. I am flaky." She is completely comfortable with herself, no matter how flaky she is. I need to get to that point. Somehow. (The scene is here at about 2 min 45 sec)

Please tell me about a time when you completely missed an appointment or otherwise embarrassed yourself. Please?


7 Days: Day 5 (Water)

19 06 2008

7 Days: Day 5 (Water)
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Wow the bags under my eyes look enormous.

My kids are quarantined in case we get the Chicken Pox (lordy knows I don’t need to be the news story of the year, spreading the pox around. Yes news story. The news is weird about the Chicen Pox these days.).

We are in a drought, officially, now.

So this is the best I could do. Turns out Sonja had the same idea I did, but it’s OK. I still love her.

It’s my beautiful Sigg bottle – 1 liter size. I do my best to drink three full bottles daily, but sometimes don’t make it all the way there.

My original photo is here. Frankly I think it’s a better picture, but it’s much more serious than a peek from me. Serious? Well, I don’t know how serious hands are. Dramatic? Emo? Oh I’m tired. See you all tomorrow!