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18 06 2008

So yesterday was, of course, a historic day for California – finally legalizing gay marriages! It was emotional and beautiful to watch the happy couples on the news and in person (we joined the local UU church in supporting the couples and giving them roses at the courthouse down the street from me).

But the thing I don’t get – will never be able to understand – is the fear and hatred from certain parties who protest against same-sex marriages. They are going so far as to get a proposition put on the November ballot which, if passed, will not only re-illegalize (like that word?) gay marriage, but will render any current ones null and void. Lovely.

WTF??? WHY do they CARE? I cannot comprehend it. I have heard all the arugments inside and out – and growing up as a Christian they were taught to me. But they never made any sense to me at all.

I once had a therapist tell me that all feelings can be traced back to two root emotions – love or fear. I think this is similar – all their weak arguments and reasoning can be traced back to fear. Some of it is blatant fear – they argue that their churches will be forced to perform these marriages they don’t believe in. Some of it is thinly veiled as some form of morality – they say that changing the definition of the word marriage will somehow degrade other marriages (which, really, is possibly the most offensive argument). The one that makes the least sense to me (and none of them make any sense, really) is when they argue that changing the definition of marriage isn’t FAIR to them. That’s so self-centered it isn’t even funny. Because how has ANYTHING in the past been fair to the GLBT community?

There are many reasons I left the Christian church, but the one thing I will NEVER get past (and that made me sick to my stomach even as a Christian) is when people drag Jesus into this and spread hatred in his name. That’s equivalent to killing in the name of Ghandi or Martin Luther King or the Dalai Lama.

Needless to say watching the news yesterday just about made my head explode.

On the other hand, it also made me all warm and fuzzy and maybe just a little verklempt. Congrats to all who can now (and hopefully forever!) enjoy their marital bliss.




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18 06 2008

I couldn’t agree with you more. Just doesn’t make any sense.

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