7 Days: Day 4

17 06 2008

7 Days: Day 4
Originally uploaded by zebrabelly.

Growing up on the Mexican-US border, I grew up with a deep love of Mexican Candy. From saladitos (called crack seed in Hawaii) to this weird lemony salt stuff. I loved it all. Now that I am an adult and know how to read nutrition labels, the sodium contents send me running in fear. And, of course, there have been several news stories in the recent past about lead in the candy. But every few years I give in to a childhood craving and buy a piece or two.

This one is a chile-coated watermelon sucker (chile-coated stuff is among the highest in lead levels! woot!?) and I think John Cougar Mellencamp said it best when he said, "it hurts so good." (which is probably a horrible reference to make about FOOD, but pretend it works, OK?) I do not handle spicy foods well, but I suffer for this one b/c it’s hella good with the sweetness underneath. Years ago I used to work at a movie theater and slow day in the box office, the other two girls in there with me finished theirs in minutes and laughed as I nursed mine for hours. Despite that, I have been blessed with the title, "Pretty Mexican for a White Girl" on more than one occasion and I wear it proudly.




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