14 06 2008

~My son is trying to read. The other day his dad was wearing an Army shirt he got years ago from the thrift store and the little one announced, “A-R-M-Y. Spells ‘shirt’!” Can’t argue with that.

~Currently my neighbors are blasting county music and have been for HOURS now. Never in all the years I have lived here (which is more than half my life, non-consecutively) have I had such loud neighbors. I cannot leave the sleeping kids alone to walk over there so I have been banging on the wall and yelling (politely) from my porch to no avail. I’ve gotten the neighbor teens in on it. Those kids are awesome.

~My boy has a stuffy nose. I was hoping for chicken pox, but looks like we got a dang cold instead. I’m bummed b/c now would actually be a GOOD time for chicken pox and how often do you get to pick when to get childhood illnesses? Keeping my fingers crossed still.

~It’s the first day of 7Days and I’ve been knitting a green snake.

Day 1 (knitting the green snake)

OK, not really a snake. But it is really green. Wish me luck when I stitch it together, I hope it turns out!




2 responses

15 06 2008

Where on earth was your camera positioned for that shot?

And I’m keeping my fingers crossed. Both chicken pox and measles can start out cold-like symptoms 🙂

15 06 2008

I got real intimate with the tripod, Jess. LOL

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