Oh the abuse!

9 06 2008

Last week my sweet, unusually-polite-for-a-three-year-old son crawled into my lap and told me, “Stinky!” I asked him what was stinky and he informed me, “Your butt, mommy.” It’s kind of funny on it’s own, but coming from HIS mouth was shocking and cracked me up. If it had been from his sister’s mouth, I would not have been surprised, nor would I have laughed because I hear that from her all.day.long anyway. And for the record my butt is NOT stinky.

To add to the mother-abuse, my daughter called me an ass* the other day! I gave her the mean mommy face and asked her, “What did you call me?” She appeared confused for a minute and asked me, “Wait. Which word used to mean goat?” I told her she was thinking of “donkey” and that I did not want to be called an ass OR a donkey, thankyouverymuch.

Yes, my children love me. It’s so clear, don’t you think?

*Yes my children have heard cuss words. I cuss. I don’t think words should be taboo and for the MOST part they don’t repeat them anyway for some reason. My only problem comes in how the words are used (i.e. as name-calling or in anger) not the words themselves.




4 responses

9 06 2008

Hehe. They love you despite your stinky butted goat/donkey-ness. 🙂

9 06 2008

It seems as though my 3 year old thinks I have a stinky butt as well! Jayce told his OT, “Mommy tootie” one day while he was swinging. She tried very hard not to laugh.

Oh, and my kids cuss like sailors. Jayce says “shit” when he gets frustrated and I won’t even go into the things that I’ve heard Jaina say!

11 06 2008

thanks for clearing up in advance what was going to be my obvious question.

11 06 2008

Which is that, V? The frequent cussing or the stinky butt?

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