Planning Ahead

6 06 2008

My daughter has been thinking about her life as an adult lately. Usually we live together. Often I babysit for her. Here’s what she told me today:

When I have kids I am not going to work. That’s for the dad. But only after the babies are asleep. And all of the money comes to me. You know, for the babies. He can have some of the money because he works for it, but most of it will go to me.

Sounds about right.




4 responses

6 06 2008

You are obviously teaching her correctly đŸ™‚ She will make an excellent SAHM!

6 06 2008

Smart little cookie!
I used to plan to “take the hair off the top of my head and be a grandpa.”
So far, this has not happened. *sigh*

6 06 2008

Clara has it all figured out too. She wants me to take care of her babies (3 of them) while she goes to work as a vet! I’m surprised to be honest. But I think I’ll take it as a compliment, she must think l I do a good job!

I like Margie’s thinking. I can identify with it LOL

12 06 2008

Evie doesn’t think daddies go to work, only mommies. And when she grows up she wants to be “a grownup.” Always good to set reachable goals, I say.

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