Update Update

22 05 2008

The electrician came out last night after the kids were asleep and dontchaknow he needed in the room where the preschooler was sleeping? It worked out, though. It never ceases to amaze me how much kids can sleep through – power tools included.

We went to bed content with promises of stable electricity. And then woke up to another outage.

Will this entry get posted?

This whole thing has got me so depressed. I think it’s a combination of the unreliability (will I be able to finish in the bathroom before being plunged into darkness?), the fact that I am cut off from the internet world (how cn I find out why my tempra paints went moldy if I can’t get online??) and the sheer frustration of it. I keep reminding myself that I can live – and happily so – without electricity. But then I also have the right to feel frustrated.

Secretly I hope the landlord puts us up in a hotel so we can go on a mini-vacation this weekend.

To top off the low feelings, I got an e-mail last night that my camera is officially on backorder. Yes, I ordered a camera. A Nikon D60. And it needs me! I can feel it calling to me in the night. My fingers positively itch for it. And it’s on backorder. This is not something they have noted on their website so I am hoping it will buy me some free overnight shipping. It’s only fair. Right?

Thinking positive thoughts….. 🙂




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