17 05 2008

I had been planning on replacing my camera this year. It’s a good camera, but only 4 megapixels, and while megapixels may not be the sole way to judge a camera, it is awfully hard to enter photos into the county fair when they are only 8×10. I see they have one quite comparable to mine, but, of course, far better and far cheaper. But? It makes HD videos. Kickass, no?

But the thing? Is that I think I need a digital SLR. See?

Technically? I can afford it. But it cuts into our savings towards buying a house. We have decided to wait for several months – at least until Fall – on the house buying to save up all of my income in those months.

Herein lies the guilt. What is the right thing to do? Now may be the only time we can buy a new camera in the next few years of mortgage payments, property taxes, and home improvements (and you do want it all clearly and artfully documented with spectacular photos, don’t you?). So part of me feels it’s best to just go ahead and spend the money now and be set for a few years, while another part of me feels it’s irresponsible to spend out house-savings.

Justify that for me, mkay? This is the deal I am considering – it’s pretty comparable everywhere.

And then, as I was browsing cameras on Costco.com, I came across this one which isn’t the Kodak I had originally considered – and it doesn’t do HD videos (but who has the memory card space for that, anyway?) – but the price is such that I could conceivably talk myself into getting both cameras. And this one takes decent photos and would still be a step up to 7 megapixels. In the end I do want a smaller point-and-shoot to take along on trips to Disneyland or to park days when I am the sole responsible adult there to look after two kids and a camera.

So. If I decided to buy one or both, the next question would be – do I spend the extra $100 on Ritz Camera’s kickass warranty? My bff used to work there and assures me it’s everything it claims to be and more. And it would be nice that, if the fit hits the shan, I wouldn’t have to pay another $600 to replace the camera. But it is a whole $100 more plus Costco is offering free shipping and a free 2G memory card. ACK THE OPTIONS.

In true Zebra fashion, I am now going to violently digress. The word “ACK” up there reminds me of my very favorite 30 Rock moment of the season. If you are not watching 30 Rock, you need to be. Get on that.

But first! Tell me all the reasons it’s not irresponsible to buy camera(s) right now, mkay?




6 responses

18 05 2008

I’m so confused, I thought you HAD a dSLR. If not, you totally should, damn the expense 🙂

And that’s one of my favorite 30 Rock Moments too, LOVE that show.

18 05 2008

Nope. I rented one once and borrowed one another time. But had to give them both back. Thbb.

18 05 2008

My advice is to get the best DSLR you can and want when you have the money to do so – ie, now.
Hurry up.

18 05 2008

Have you done it yet?

18 05 2008

I agree. Get a DSLR right now. You can always buy another Kodak later. Your current Kodak takes great pictures and its fine to take to Disneyland, etc. And when you are taking pictures for the fair, then you use your DSLR 🙂

19 05 2008

those beautiful pics you take of your kiddos NEED to be bigger…

(i know nothing of cameras…but if it makes bigger than 8x10s, then it sounds like a necessity to me)

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