And the boy is three.

15 05 2008

instead of cake


My littlest child is 3 now. So probably I should stop calling him a baby. But not until he stops calling himself a baby. It’s only fair.

Some things he’s said this week which have blown me away, either in their cuteness, or in their sheer length:

Yesterday I overheard him telling his sister, “No, M, you need a paper to draw on!” That right there is a nine word sentence. Kickass. (I found the evidence of M’s drawing without a paper on the tablecloth, by the way).

This morning he ran into the bedroom to get his daddy, but not before stopping in the hallway and turning to me to say, “Mommy!? Just a second, ok?” Which, is just cute as hell.

And even today, on his birthday, he sang the song with his sister’s name in it. Because that it how it goes, yo.

Click here for photos of our day, click here for photos of Elliott from birth to now and you can watch the birthday song below.




2 responses

18 05 2008

Happy Birthday, E!

20 05 2008

OMG, so stinkin’ cute!

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