My Comfort Zone

13 05 2008

I am doing lots of work on SOAM right now. I hired a lovely woman to redesign it for me, I took naked pictures of my friends and am scanning Flickr for photos I might get permission to use as well. I am also working on a whole new website which will be a sort of companion to SOAM (once I figure out a name that has not already been used – suggestions welcome! Same idea, but for all women).

All of this is beyond my comfort zone. It’s new to me and I’m nervous about it all. I procrastinate and stress. I have a little trouble breathing when I think about everything that needs to be done. It’s not that it’s hard, really. It’s not. But it’s scary for me.

Still. I push myself. Because of this and especially because of this. Because when I am done with this I can say I did it. Because I can and I won’t let myself run away. Because I know I can.




One response

15 05 2008

I’ve always been in awe of the concept for SOAM and I am sure you won’t disappoint with this new site. You rock.

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