30 Tiny Moments: Day 24 (Science Lesson?)

26 04 2008

30 Tiny Moments: Day 24 (Science Lesson?)
Originally uploaded by zebrabelly.

I knew it. I KNEW it. There’s this loud web in my flower (soon-to-be) garden, but I could NEVER find it’s owner. No amount of web-destruction would bring her out, but I just knew it was a widow. Tonight for some reason she decided to make her appearance. To her detriment. I sprayed the Hell out of that bitch with Raid. This coming from the lady who will use nothing by vinegar to clean her house. I do keep a can of Raid around for the occasional widow.

Only now I am afraid the Spider Council is meeting even as we speak to formulate a plan in which they exact their revenge. One thing that makes me quirky and lovable is the fact that I firmly believe – as strongly as I believe in knocking on wood – that spiders will take revenge by hunting me down and killing me.

*knocks wood*




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