30 Tiny Moments: Day 17 (Shoes kicked off)

19 04 2008

30 Tiny Moments: Day 17 (Shoes kicked off)
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I had a lot of choices for moments today. I nearly picked the pan from our quickie stop at the panaderia this morning. I could have chosen the one of M running at top speeds all around inside it. The mostly-eaten pizza or the loot-bag candy M got from my bff’s bf’s birthday party today. There’s always the one where E is pushing his daddy on the swings, and of course, the one where my bff takes a photo of her bf opening gifts.

But I chose this one. M had tossed her sandals off while eating lunch. It was a cold, windy, overcast day (really, the weather lately is NUTS) but this photo looks so summery and bright and makes me feel so warm inside that it won.

Hope you all are having a lovely spring!