Rest in Peace, Bees.

16 04 2008

Not too long ago, Elaine was over here lamenting her bee issues and I SWEAR TO YOU not three days later, a group of bees stopped in here for a visit. Clearly, the bees smelled her and came to say wazzup.

But, see, my bees weren’t harming anyone. They weren’t building a hive, they were just migrating. They were piled on the side of the building waiting until the weather warmed up before they left to find the perfect hive (probably in Elaine’s wall).

Unfortunately, the particular spot they chose just happened to overhang onto someone’s screened-in balcony. And that someone happens to be one of the nastiest women I have ever met. In all eight years I’ve lived here, she has never smiled once and only yells at her great-grandson. She’s awful. And I don’t say things like that lightly.

I guess she didn’t want to share her home with the bees because she took a can of Raid and sprayed them from the inside of the screen. This pisses me off for SO many reasons.

1. She pissed off a colony of bees with no regard to who was outside at that moment.
2. She left dead bee bodies all over the ground where kids play. Even if the kids wear shoes (which they generally do), they could fall on their knees. It’s irresponsible.
3. There is an effing bee shortage! Our farmers need those bees so we can do silly things like grow food.

If the bees had been building a hive, I can see removing them responsibly. Absolutely! But this just really chaps my hide. yes, I did just quote a Pace Picante Sauce commercial. You gotta problem withhat??

In short. Rest in peace, bees.