Knock Knock

10 04 2008

I am having a terrible time focusing this week. Procrastination is strong with this one (me). Since I’m not folding laundry or making lunch anyway, I might as well blog.

My small son has been gifted a natural sense of humor. He understands things that are funny and even why they are funny. My daughter? Not so much. She laughs a ton, but when it comes to jokes she is lacking some understanding. I have a vivid memory of her last Summer Solstice, trying desperately to tell Elaine the “Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?” joke. That one has been a work in progress for probably two years now. She still doesn’t fully understand how it works.

Yesterday as we were leaving Target, I said, “let us go!” which reminded me a bit of a knock-knock joke my grandma used to tell which ended in “Lettuce be alone together!” I did some quick thinking (so unlike me) and decided that I had the perfect opportunity for a lesson in jokes right in front of me.

“Hey, M. Knock-knock!”
“Who’s there?”
“Lettuce who?”
“Lettuce leave the store now!”
“But mom. You said ‘lettuce’. Not ‘let us’.”
“Yes, dear. That’s the point.”

Oh well. Maybe next year.



One response

11 04 2008

When Kelly and Dylan were little I took them to the zoo every weekend. Everytime we went I had the same running joke. I still do it to this day (to their groans)when we have the chance to go. You’ll groan too. 🙂

Hey kids, what are those litttle animals there doing?


They’re doing what they “otter”.

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