tantrum: hippie style

4 04 2008

tantrum: hippie style
Originally uploaded by zebrabelly.

Know what’s fun? Taking a screaming toddler, shoving him into a shopping cart and pushing him around a store.

Know what’s more fun? When that store is hippie central and you are very likely to run into other parents who will shoot you dirty looks for the fact that you would MAKE your child SUFFER.

Know what’s even more fun? When some of those people might even know you – at least from local natural living e-mail groups. It would not be the first time I was recognized in public simply from other moms knowing my kids’ names.

Sure is my idea of a Grand Afternoon.

Lucky thing for me, this hippie store sells organic crackers I can buy to bribe my kids to shoosh already.




One response

5 04 2008
lola coca-cola

It happens to everyone, what are you going to do, turn around and get back in the car and go home just because your kid is freaking out? I would buckle the kid in so they can’t hurt themselves and go on my merry way. And I can truly claim hippie status, I was raised that way (born unassisted in a tipi, need I go on?). So keep on being a great mom, we need good people out there when we’re old.

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