30 Tiny Moments – Day 1

2 04 2008

30 Tiny Moments – Day 1
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I’m a big copycat and I’ll do anything Elaine or Sarah tell me to. So here I am. I meant to start yesterday, but could not come up with a good photo. I’m not 100% happy with this one, either (so much for the digital SLR, pft), but at this rate, I better submit the dang photo or just give up.

Midmorning, I enjoy a cup of coffee (or two!) and do some work online while the kids play (read: while the kids tear apart all the cleaning I just did). The coffee cup is the first one I have ever paid full price for and it makes me so happy each day that I would say it was worth the whopping $8.


More from my daughter’s mind.

2 04 2008

She is cracking me up this week.

At our Ostara celebration we discussed the size of my friend Summer’s head. She says it is large, and while I disagree, she is quite comfortable with it, no matter the size. Today, after a lesson in hot dog fractions, M announced, “Summer’s head is big because she’s really smart. The bigger the head, the smarter you are. Because your brain is where you keep all the math.”

Which reminds me that at the Ostara celebration, we were commenting on all the stupid bugs flying around (stupid, probably because their brains are not big enough for all the math). M tattled on me saying, “It’s because we leave the door open so much. All the bugs get out.”

It’s true, you know. So if you see any bugs out there today, can you send them home, please?*

*Just kidding. Please don’t.