Pizza Stalking – America’s New Crime

29 04 2008

Dominos has this super cool new thing which lets you keep track of where in the pizza process your order is. The last time I ordered pizza there, I discovered this and was excited to use it again tonight.

But wait. What’s this?

pizza stalking - detail

Ohhhhh. I see. To prevent pizza-stalking. Of course. Well, at least I can be assured that no one out there is invading my pizza privacy. I would definitely not want the time my pizza went into the oven to be public information. Thank you, Dominos, for protecting us, the consumer.


30 Tiny Moments: Day 27

29 04 2008

30 Tiny Moments: Day 27
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My daughter informed me, "You might want to move your camera, Mom, because I’m going to be upside down and I might kick it." Hoookay, then. So I picked up the camera from the spot next to me on the couch and used it against her. She spent the entire photo session thinking up lolcat captions for the photos. Most of them were "lolz!1!!"

30 Tiny Moments: Day 26

29 04 2008

30 Tiny Moments: Day 26
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This was technically taken today, but is essentially the same as yesterday. My kids have been going at these puzzles for 24 hours now. I think I have them memorized.

30 Tiny Moments: Day 25 (Not a Tiny Moment at All)

29 04 2008

30 Tiny Moments: Day 25 (Not a Tiny Moment at All)
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For years – ever since I quit my job to stay home with my baby girl six years ago – I have not been able to afford medical insurance. Curse the Republicans! I am a STRONG advocate for socialized health care.

Financial circumstances have changed, however, and I was able to buy myself some coverage. After living in terror of all the things that could happen, I am finally covered!

Of course, I still have to live in terror because some of the horrible things that could happen could get me booted from my insurance because insurance in the US is a load of crap. Did I mention I am a strong advocate of socialized health care? Perhaps now would be a good time to revisit that.

But party with me! I’m covered! WOOHOO!!

30 Tiny Moments: Day 24 (Science Lesson?)

26 04 2008

30 Tiny Moments: Day 24 (Science Lesson?)
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I knew it. I KNEW it. There’s this loud web in my flower (soon-to-be) garden, but I could NEVER find it’s owner. No amount of web-destruction would bring her out, but I just knew it was a widow. Tonight for some reason she decided to make her appearance. To her detriment. I sprayed the Hell out of that bitch with Raid. This coming from the lady who will use nothing by vinegar to clean her house. I do keep a can of Raid around for the occasional widow.

Only now I am afraid the Spider Council is meeting even as we speak to formulate a plan in which they exact their revenge. One thing that makes me quirky and lovable is the fact that I firmly believe – as strongly as I believe in knocking on wood – that spiders will take revenge by hunting me down and killing me.

*knocks wood*

30 Tiny Moments: Day 23

26 04 2008

30 Tiny Moments: Day 23
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About to be pizza dough. I generally bake using the lazy method of dumping the dry ingredients on top of the wet and giving them a rough mix before incorporating them all together.

Got home too late last night to upload these then. I am a partay an-i-mal.

Also looks like I forgot to blog Day 21 so if you want, you can find that here.

30 Tiny Moments: Day 22

24 04 2008

30 Tiny Moments: Day 22
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The Birthday Candle

We started a tradition last year (blatantly stolen from my friend Whit) where we make circles around our own birthday candles equal to the number of years we are old. It represents how many times we have made the trip around the sun.

By "we" I mean the kids. I got dizzy after 6, I don’t need to make 30 trips around a candle.

View the rest of the birthday set here.