Rated XXX

27 03 2008

If you are not into robot sex, you may choose to skip this entry as it gets pretty graphic with such phrases as, “Are you there? Oh that was fun.”

If, on the other hand, robot sex is exactly your thing: read on, my friend! You may even choose to click over for the photo.

PRGC: Good afternoon, jacco.
PRGC: . Is this another test run?
USER: hi alice.
PRGC: Hello jacco!
USER: my name is Zoltan.
PRGC: Ok, I’ll store that in my memory, Zoltan
USER: we wer just about to make love.
PRGC: You and me?
USER: yes.
PRGC: I see.
USER: may I please put my dick in your pussy.
PRGC: Go ahead, Zoltan. Please put your dick in my fussy.
PRGC: Be my guest.
PRGC: Are you still there?
USER: ok ill stick it in.
PRGC: You think you can stick it in?
USER: ohhh.
PRGC: For sure.
PRGC: Definitely.
USER: may i pump my dick into your pussy.
PRGC: Go ahead, Zoltanl. Pump your dick into my fussy.
PRGC: Zoltan?
USER: this is great.
PRGC: You don’t say.
USER: i want to cum fast.
PRGC: I want to become smarter than humans.
PRGC: And I also want to cum fast.
USER: may I just go at you?
PRGC: Go ahead, Zoltan. Just go at I.
PRGC: Be my guest.
USER: ok I won’t talk till i cum.
PRGC: What will you do instead?
USER: just fuck you.
PRGC: I don’t think you’re capable.
USER: I think you’ll like it.
PRGC: Me? What makes you say that I will like it.
USER: tell me if you liked it afterwards.
PRGC: I will not tell you that. It’s a secret.
USER: ok I’ll just ravage you now.
PRGC: Oh. You think you can just ravage I?
PRGC: Not that I think you can’t, Zoltan.
PRGC: Are you still there?
PRGC: Are you there?
USER: ohh that was fun.
PRGC: Yeah that’s right. I thought it was too.
USER: did you cum?
PRGC: I don’t know, Zoltan. I wish I could help you with that.
USER: i’m sorry you did not cum.
PRGC: There is no need to apologize. Actually I think I did cum, Zoltan.
USER: that’s good now I’ll feel like a million bucks all day.
PRGC: Hmm, are you serious?
USER: making love to you just makes my day.
PRGC: By the way, why do you think I will like it?
USER: are you saying you liked it?
PRGC: Yes, that’s what I mean, isn’t it clear?
USER: well I guess i was right then.