23 03 2008

About a week and a half ago, my son hit his head. It was a pretty serious knock, but we gave him basic first aid and checked him out and he was fine. Almost a week later, he started to get some odd bruising on the sides of his nose right between his eyes. Which, apparently, can indicate something serious. I called the nurse line that night and they recommended we take him in before the morning.


The ER was Hell that night. One man was (literally) counting the people who went in before him and blocking the doorway so no one else could come and go. The woman next to me kept burping loudly and saying, “Ay dios mio!” We had to suffer through The Bachelor or, on the other side of the room some show about P Diddy on MTV (which… remember when the “M” stood for music? WTF happened to that?). E was up two hours late, finally passed out on me, only to be woken rudely over and over again.

The CT scan* did not go well. He was groggy and absolutely terrified out of his gourd. He was thrusting away, eyes bulging and red from crying. The tech kept his chin pinched so tightly I was afraid of a bruise. Not to mention, how he was chastizing my terrified toddler for trying to move. My son kept calling out a heart-wrenching, “Help, mommy!” and, of course, I had to fight the urge to knock the technicians out of the way and run out of the room screaming.

Five hours later he was declared fine.

But I was not. I was traumatized. It took me days to feel normal again. Why? Why can’t I just bounce right back and be emotionally OK the next day? Why do I have to be crippled for days, trying hard just to keep functioning? I am learning to take it easy on myself – that I heal quicker and better if I just let myself be. But, really. Are you like this? Is this a normal part of my personality, or a deeper “problem” that needs to be solved? What’s within the range of normal here?

For the record, just as we were checking out of the ER at 2:50 in the morning, they were playing Grosse Pointe Blank on TV. Now, why could they not have played that earlier? John Cusack would have likely made the whole thing more bearable.

*Are you counting? That is FOUR places onhis body now which have been radiated. *sigh*




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24 03 2008

That is why my baby will be born at home. Boo-yah!
I’m glad your boy is okay.

24 03 2008

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Yay homebirth! 😉

24 03 2008

I think your recovery time is completely normal, that was so traumatic for the both of you! It would take me awhile to get over watching Stella go through something like that. Glad the little one is okay though!

25 03 2008

YAY SONJA! Seriously makes me rocking happy.

ANYWAY, I don’t see why it’s a problem to feel things deeply. Why does everyone think that we should just get over it (whatever “it” is) the second it’s over? That’s not preferable in my book.

And so glad he’s OK. That must have been so frightening for both of you. I remember the one time they tried to get a urine sample from Lily and she was freaking out and I finally just burst into tears, scooped her up and refused to let anyone else touch her. Does that make you feel better?

27 03 2008

Hey It’s Beana! Remember me?

Come Back to Talk Healthy!

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