23 03 2008

this is my family
(Note how each of us has our own version of “Dorky Picture Face”. But you find that with children, you have to take what you get the first time because tehy have very little patience.)

While the equinox technically fell late Wednesday night, we decided to celebrate yesterday instead. We invited family (which these days includes the MIL, my littlest cousin who is 18, my bff, my frister, and, of course, the people who live here) over for lunch.

We made flower crowns, hunted for eggs, drank pomegranate soda, talked of grownup things (Brad Pitt and taxes, if you were wondering). It was a beautiful day.

About these videos… At the end of the first one, I swear I am not calling my child stupid. He wasn’t at all into hunting for eggs and it took a lot of coaxing to get him outside. He finally began gathering them into the basket when I told him we were cleaning up. You can hear him sing the Clean Up song. Also, when you hear some loud scary screehes? Yeah, that’s just the neighbor’s pet pterodactyl.

Click on the photo above to see the whole set. Happy Spring!




4 responses

23 03 2008
mama says:

Ok,so your family might all have the dorky picture face going, but you look gorgeous in this picture. I bet my daughter would call you a princess … I should test that theory.

23 03 2008

That was just too damn cute!!!

31 03 2008

I am pretty sure I totally have that skirt in a sort of taupe color. Old Navy, summer of 05? Somewhere in the wilderness of my closet…. I have the potential to be your skirt-twin!

31 03 2008

YES! I paid a whopping $7 on the clearance rack. I think it was actually Winter 06 by then, maybe.

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