Proof that I am old.

18 03 2008

I had a jolt the other day when I saw this photo.

See? Cause that gorgeous young woman? Is the very same baby we all loved so much when we were teenagers. The Princess of Grunge. This baby:

Remember her? We, of the Grunge Era, adored her. We adored Kurt and Courtney. We were giddy when they fell in love and positively estatic at the idea of watching the baby grow up. We watched her in videos, we cooed over her, we loved her.

And, then, of course, things went very badly for her family. And, either, we lost interest as our mourning turned to more grown-up things, or else her mother hid her away from the spotlight. I had seen a precious few photos of her, invoking a nostalgic feeling, but nothing for years until this one the other day.

It is proof, once again, that I am old.

One more sweet photo for the road:




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19 03 2008

Whenever I see Frances Bean now, I still don’t believe she’s nearly grown. I remember her like in that first picture with her parents, the little towheaded baby. For the longest time when she was small I thought she looked just like Kurt, but I see a little Courtney in her, too.

19 03 2008

Oh, I think she’s got a LOT of Courtney. Her eyes are dramatic like her mom’s and shape of her face is really just like her mom’s too. I only see hints of Kurt now.

20 03 2008

I can remember those days.. And I too have felt old seeing her so grown up.

I can remember feeling so sad for her that she would never have any memories of her dad. That for the rest of her life she would have to listen to people tell her how great he was. It’s sad that he couldn’t figure out a way to work through his demons even if it would be only to be there for her.

Thanks for the memories!

21 03 2008

wow…she is stunningly beautiful….

it has been 20 years since the first Nirvana single was released…yeah…that makes me feel old too….

8 04 2009
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[…] fifteen years later (which makes me sound old), he is peacefully at rest. Grunge is, indeed, dead. Frances Bean is a woman. Courtney has left sanity behind once and for all. Dave Grohl is a funny-as-hell […]

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