As I grow…

15 03 2008

I may have just turned 30, but I’m still growing up.

I am learning that it’s OK to have my own opinions and that I do not have to agree with everyone.

I am learning that it’s OK to make decisions all on my own and that if it’s the wrong decision, I can change it later.

I am learning that I like to dress me up for me. What started as a way to “look presentable” has grown into my own ritual decorating that makes me feel good to be me.

I am learning that it’s OK to wait.

And that it’s OK to start things right away.

And that sometimes if things don’t get finished, that’s OK, too.

I am learning to love the parts of me I used to think were unlovable.

I am learning to say, “I love you” to people outside these four walls.

I am learning to put 100% of my effort into things I do.

I am learning to put others before me.

I am learning to draw lines at what I can and cannot do.

I am learning it’s OK to tell people how I feel, good or bad.

When I was a kid I saw adults as this finished product – someone who had learned all of Life’s Lessons. I see now that it never ends, does it? I can’t wait to grow old and keep learning, learning… learning.




4 responses

16 03 2008

Wonderful post! And you are so right, It feels like I learn so much more about myself since I’ve turned 30. I apolgize so much less and I feel like the tide is turning. Like you I can’t wait to find out where I’ll be in 10, 20, 30 years (and on hopefully)

17 03 2008

That was so inspiring! Great post!

17 03 2008

Very inspiring! Those are great realizations.

17 03 2008

that was beautiful…you are such an amazing woman.

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