When did this happen?

2 03 2008

The husband went out of town the other night – not for long (particularly since his trip got cut short) – but I had to hold down the fort* all night long. At some point it occurred to me – who the hell put ME in charge of kids??? Like when did I go from being the kid to being responsible for other people? And then I remembered. But for a second there I had a weird flash that all this is just me playing house.** Does that ever happen to you?

*We do not, technically, have a fort.
**We also do not, technically, have a house.




4 responses

3 03 2008

egadz I feel like that sometimes. I waited for it to sink in when she was born, but… it never really did!!

4 03 2008
Soulful Hues

Lol, daily!

5 03 2008

Sometimes I feel very under qualified for the responsibility!

16 03 2008

I can relate!

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