23 02 2008

reluctant models make faces

My daughter, who is five and three quarters years old, has a loose tooth! This is big news to begin with, but really big for her mommy who knows the time to worry about the state of her upper crowns is nearing an end. Of course, that only means that the time to worry about her grinding her adult teeth in her sleep is nearing the beginning, but here’s hoping a six-year-old is more reasonable about dental work than a two-year-old. Hoping.

one of my favorites

My son, who has a language delay, had a special conversation with me tonight. We were talking about the time we spent at the park this afternoon and I told him my favorite part was taking a walk with him, when he replied that he liked to “fwing” best. We’ve certainly had conversations before, and he corrects me often, but this one seems somehow at a different level of comprehension. He got what I was talking about and decided on and shared his own favorite. I dunno. But I’m quite proud.

me and my kids




3 responses

24 02 2008

I’d be proud, too. ♥

25 02 2008

I love the third photo, of the three of you. Beautiful. Can it be that M is almost SIX? It seems she was just born. That’s awesome about the conversation that you and E had. He seems like such a sweetie.

25 02 2008

That is so frickin’ awesome! I love all those pictures 🙂

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