State of Emergency (and Fun)

15 02 2008

Early Thursday morning, I checked the weather forecasts which all pretty much agreed that it would be cloudy. By lunchtime the husband called to ask if it was raining here at home. It wasn’t. He said it was raining pretty hard where he was at. Not that he’s a liar, but the forecasts did not predict rain, so I had a hard time believing him. Soon, it started to get windy. And then windier. And then it started to rain. And rain a lot. And then it was pouring. I was starting to envision thunder and tornadoes and the end of the world.

That night on the news, the forecasters all agreed on one more thing – a freak incident in and of itself – no one could have predicted this storm, let alone the severity of it. Not only did we get pounded here at the coast, but it snowed. But not just any snow – it snowed in Ramona. That hasn’t happened in 40 or so years.

A few weeks ago, I was joking with some friends who come from Lands of Real Snow that if it ever snowed here in town, they would likely declare a state of emergency. How right I was. Sort of. While it didn’t snow here in my town, it was drama all over the rest of the county. I SWEAR I AM TELLING THE TRUTH when I say that the police were out checking cars for chains, turning people away, evacuating people, setting up shelters… People literally left their cars on the side of the main interstate and spent the night in the casino. It was like the Day After Tomorrow, only… Nope, the only thing it was missing was Jake Gyllenhaal. Sadly.

So even though the news swore all the roads were closed and the world was ending, I decided to risk it and we headed off today. We have head colds still, but I don’t care because dammit, in San Diego, when it snows, you go. For the record, the news was wrong and no roads were closed, nor did the world end (unless it did, but I’m in an alternate dimension?).


Clicky on the photo for the set.

Ramona’s snow had melted, so we trudged on to Santa Ysabel where we hit payload. At the side of the road several families had pulled over and were playing in piles of big snow all over. There was, however, one truck in a ditch facing the wrong way. What I suspect happened was that they skidded and crashed and families driving by noticed and instead of helping they thought, “AWESOME idea! Let’s play THERE!” Because Americans are just super thoughtful like that.

Did you know snow is actually light and fluffy? I didn’t! The only snow I’ve ever met (not counting the six months I lived in Denver that I can’t remember because I was 2) is melty and packed down. So, you see, you learn stuff every day.

Anyway, it was a really great time. It almost made me want to have snow more often. But then probably it would be cold, too, huh?

Editing to add that you can see videos of the day here, here, and here.




4 responses

16 02 2008

I wish we got a state of emergency every time it snowed. We wouldn’t have had school since November and I’d be at home with my team of emergency pool boys, just in case. Glad you had a fun day.

PS – Snow can be packed and melty too. If you are really excited to find out more, you can can find out how snow crystalizes at different temperatures. Mostly though, snow is a pain in my ass.

19 02 2008

I love that pic of M! Yes, snow is fluffy, some of the time; it depends if it’s wet snow or not. I had to laugh at the people leaving their cars and spending the night in the casino. That happened here once (in February of 1978! You were four days old!), but we got five and a half feet of snow in 24 hours and our state was buried for like a week.

That is one freaky storm you all got, though!

27 02 2008

Nice to know I’m not the only person who hasn’t spent much time in snow! I can count the number of times I’ve been in snow on one hand! (One of which was in January, at Mt Laguna, with my almost-2-year-old — check out Flickr for the photos.) I’ve also never been in FALLING snow. I wonder what that’s like?

22 02 2011
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