Nutritious and a mass killer.

11 02 2008

My husband is a veritable bank of bizarre information. He’s taught me oh so many things I may have missed by being oblivious (or normal). Yesterday he taught me that you cannot trust molasses. I’m a big fan of molasses and consume it just about daily so this was quite a shock to me, actually. I had always heard that it’s quite good for you- chock sull of nutrients- not the sinister killer he claimed. Lucky for us, the internet exists to settle such matters and, sure enough, he proved to me that in Boston back in 1919, molasses exploded all over for some reason and killed 25 people.

The moral of the story? Enjoy your molasses and peanut butter sandwiches, but if you ever see it coming at you at 35 miles and hour – RUN.




2 responses

11 02 2008

That is bizarre. Awful and bizarre.

12 02 2008

Just goes to show you molasses isn’t always slow…

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