Pimping the Artist

6 02 2008

If you had known me in high school, you might remember I was a fan of 10,000 Maniacs. And you might remember that that is a slight understatment. More like I wanted to grow up to be Natalie Merchant. I quite literally punched a boy once for accusing her of having had a nose job. He spread the word around school that to tease me would be to suffer the consequences. (I will neglect to mention here what a wimp he was in the hopes that you will think I’m more tough than I am.)

Anyway, browsing around Etsy the other day, I came across John Lombardo’s shop. Lombardo being one of the founding members of the band. He’s got some interesting pieces like the one below. I’m tempted to buy one.

Anyway, I’m not feeling well enough to come up with good closure for this entry so go check it out. And buy something. Cause, you know, 10,000 Maniacs rock.




One response

6 02 2008

I was HUGE fan of 10,000 maniacs! I remember one of first ever CD’s was 10,000 maniacs unplugged. Back when MTV actually played, gasp! MUSIC!

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