i can has burfday now?

3 02 2008

People keep asking me what it feels like to be thirty. I reply, “It feels rather like a sore throat. And maybe a lot of snot.” Let’s hope this is just a cold, and not, say, an allergy to my 30’s.

The celebration began when my BFF, Melty, and I went off to Avalon to pay people to jab us repeatedly with needles. She got some flowers so her ladybug wouldn’t be so lonely, and I got my phoenix.

finished tat

It was approximately 7 hours later that I woke in the night with a nice sore throat.

I chose to push through it and enjoy my day, dammit.

In the morning the family and I went to The Bagel Bar for breakfast (which has THE best bagels in town) and then headed off to a mall. Walking around for a couple hours proved to be too much for my foot and, well, I am 30 so I’m probably feeling my age, right? I wanted nothing more than to lay down at home and play on Webkinz before people started arriving for the party, but seeing as how I had left the housecleaning up to the husband, that did not happen. It’s OK, I got a decent rest anyway.

And then just before the company began to arrive, I was taking a leak (classy way to put it, no?) when suddenly I felt rain. Wait. What? Rain is not supposed to happen in the bathroom. Shit. I yelled for someone to bring me a bowl QUICK which probably lead them to think something else, but really all I wanted was not to have the Adventure Bathroom happen all over my head on my birthday.

The leak stopped and has not (yet) come back. Apparently this time of year is bad for my bathroom.

Anyway, the guests came and I kicked out the family for a bit. God, I am SO blessed to have so many amazing people I love and who love me. I had friends from as far back as sixth grade come, and had invited a few others I’ve known from as far back as … well, my entire life. Friends who I connect with, friends who get me, friends who laugh with me and even at me (really, this is most important in a friendship, isn’t it? The ability to laugh at each other?). In order of who I met when: Rene, Maggie, Sofia, Kathy, Melissa, Sandy, Anne, Hannah, Claire, Elaine, Kimberlie. I think that’s right.

We played with henna, snacked on food, and ate tacos. Kimberlie brought me a delicious cake we all drooled over and Sofia brought a strudel from Hans and Harry’s. The family and a couple of menfolk came by to join us for the eating. By this time I was really feeling the cold symptoms and now I wish I’d shoved a Motrin down my throat sooner. Actually, I didn’t even know you could do that since I generally try to support the immune system, not suppress it. But it was only only 30th birthday EVER and dammit, I used the Motrin. And, you know? I felt a TON better. Unfortunately by then most people had left. Ah well.

but before all that we had cake. And they sang to me. And I filmed it so that I would forever remember what it felt like to be sang to on my 30th birthday (and also as an excuse to hide behind the camera… not so good with the attention), but what I ended up filming is Elaine’s Boobs.

It was, all snot and bathroom rain aside, a really lovely birthday. Clicky on the cake below to see the rest of the set.

my dessert

You thought this post was over? Nah.

Today I slept in and then lazed on the couch until about 1:30 when I decided I had to pee and probably the couch isn’t the place for that. More bathroom Adventure? Yes! But on a much, much smaller scale. The flush-handle (technical term) fell off. So now? We have to reach way down and grab the chain and flush. I think I might tie a string to it.

Other than a short trip to the mall, it’s been a lazy day around here. I even feel to shitty to try to make the toddler actually sleep. The worry here is that I still won’t feel better tomorrow when I have to take the big one to school and ready this disaster area for the landlord to come install a handle for my toilet. Assuming he installs a handle tomorrow. Oh please oh please?

And now this entry is over. *waves*



4 responses

3 02 2008
lola coca-cola

Sorry I missed it, I really wanted to come but my sister was in town unexpectedly and therefore family plans took over the whole weekend.

i am so glad you had a wonderful birthday.

4 02 2008

Not only Elaine’s boobs, but Elaine’s boobs with candles sticking out of them. Hoorah way to spend a bday, and I’m jealous as all hell ….

4 02 2008

Elaine’s boobs are lovely. I hope you had a lovely birthday with them. Incidentally, last time people sang happy birthday to me I conducted the singing. But then I’m quite good with attention.

4 02 2008

Happy birthday! I just turned 28 and I never thought I would be one of those people who agonized over turning 30, but lately i find myself thinking about it way too much…

I LOVE the tattoo by the way!!!

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