It’s the year 2053.

30 01 2008

dum dum
Originally uploaded by zebrabelly.

I’m not so bad at math that I can’t add 100 years onto 1953. Either I fell asleep Rip Van Winkle style or else this candy has come from the future.




4 responses

30 01 2008
Soulful Hues

LOL, write the company, alert them of their typo and maybe you’ll get a lifetime of dumbshit LOL

31 01 2008

Maybe that candy is 55 years old and the 100th anniversary was in 1953. Mmmm tasty.

31 01 2008

Huh. I vote for the really old candy too.

1 02 2008

Google loves me, I found out this : “New Flavors Introduced – To commemorate a sweet century in business, Spangler Candy introduced four new flavors to the Dum Dum Pops assortment, bringing the total flavors to 16+1 (+1 being the Mystery™ flavor). The new flavors are Cherry Cola and Pink Lemonade, and two “retro” flavors – Banana (first introduced in 1960) and Cocount-Pineapple (first introduced in 1953). “

Now I want a pink lemonade one, I wonder if we have any …

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