Speaking of Parties

15 01 2008

I have been struggling for awhile now trying to catch up on my work. Knowing it would never happen here at home, I ran off to the library tonight to take advantage of their free wifi and get some work done.

But before I go on, I want to talk about this wi-fi. It is spotty, at best. My first cozy location curled up in a fluffy chair with a lovely view had no reception. I wound up in the middle of the teen section, surrounded by art presented by the Manga Club at a cold and lonely table. Yes, a table. How very cilivilzed. Pft. They actually have a “Wi-Fi Hotspot” that they boldly call a “cafe” which consists of some tables and three vending machines, one of which is broken. Classy. You may all be shaking your heads at the sheer trashiness of it all, but I smile fondly upon my own little sweetly ghetto town. And now you all shake your heads at me. Don’t lie. I know.

Where was I? Oh, right… I got all caught up on my work and was just shutting down the laptop when suddenly a message came across the intercom in Spanish. It was the third time they had made an announcement. First for storyhour, second to announce last call for opening a library card account. Both announced in English and Spanish. This one was only Spanish so I cannot tell you WTF was going on there, but immediately music blasted across the library speakers. What? That’s right. The library. And not just any music! No, it was bad 80’s music! Click below to hear the song.

The only explanation? Well, clearly the library turns into a discotheque after hours.




7 responses

16 01 2008

Awww, now why you gotta go and call Eddies’ music bad?? I got like 5 of his songs on my ipod (including that one) my feelings are hurt man. My taste in music is awesome. 😉

16 01 2008

When we lived in the OC, the library played marching band type music when they wanted you to get the hint to LEAVE, PEOPLE, WE’RE CLOSING. I’m just gonna go ahead and call that worse.

16 01 2008

You blasphme!!!!! That song is NOT “bad 80s music”. That song ROCKS!!!! (b/c, seriously, I’m old enough that I remember dancing around in the living room to that song playing on MTV LOL)

16 01 2008

Heck, I should probably also mention that my Husband and I are old enough to remember the LAUNCH of MTV lol

16 01 2008

And with that, I’ve just alienated 1/2 my readers. LOL

It’s not such a bad song, really. But it is not a catchy as I remember it and I am disappointed. I like this song better which samples the other.

Don’t watch it – it’s gory anime. Yuck. Just listen!

16 01 2008

Did they play the whole song? That’s too funny…

19 01 2008

i once saw eddie money on the tonight show, and he talked about turning down a gig because his little girl had a ballet recital…i’ve liked him ever since. 😉

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