Mean People Suck

8 01 2008

You know, I have exactly zero tolerance for people who are just plain cruel. Unfortunately, I see this from time to time on my more famous blog*, and tonight’s experience makes my heart hurt on so many levels. I temporarily removed one of my favorite entries tonight.

Childfree. For goodness’ sake! Live your life child-free and enjoy it! Bless you in all you do! But leave the judgement out of it. Isn’t that what childfree groups are about to begin with? A haven to gather support in a world full of breeders? So why does it so often become a place to degrade those who have made the choice to have children?


And the cruelty. God. It hurts. I keep it off the website and so, for the most part, it stays contained. But the blackness sits in my heart and sometimes it is just too much to take.

*Avoiding the name in this entry just in case of Googlers.




5 responses

9 01 2008

It’s astounding what people can see as wrong – and even more astounding that they have to make sure everyone knows their views in the cruelest ways.

9 01 2008

Oh Bons…I am not sure what happened but I’m really sorry that your other site had troubles like this. I’m not a momma myself (really, I haven’t been hiding my kids under the bed all these years, lol) but I have great respect for those who are and would never look down on anyone’s choice. Sigh.

9 01 2008

So sorry you had to put up with such nonsense. People are lame, sometimes. But you know what you do is beautiful and powerful and so positive to so many. One asshole shouldn’t ruin all the good.

Hugs to you, my very incredible friend.

10 01 2008

so sorry, bonnie… you’ve created such a beautiful space. i hope you find a way to let go of that kind of stuff… (uh, yeah, notice i have no suggestions?…) 🙂

13 01 2008

the cruelty and hatred they spew is so hurtful, and i can understand why you’d be affected just by reading it, let alone on your site about which you are so passionate. yes, you are doing so much good for so many. my advice? breathe it in, feel it for what it is, and then let it go as you breathe out… each breath will hurt less, and will leave you feeling cleaner and clearer in your heart and mind. many hugs…

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