Uberlist 2008

3 01 2008

After nearly a week of dealing with two pukers and having a fever myself (for only five hours or so, though… odd), I’ve fallen behind on my end-of-the-year blogging and am catching up today. I have, however, had plenty of time to think about what I want to put into my life this year and thus we (Me, Myself and I) present the new Uberlist of 2008… Ta Da!!!

CRAFT & ART: Learn to crochet. Challenge myself. Remember to create art as often as possible. Buy a new camera (or two?). Enter at least one new photography contest.

FAMILY: Yell less. Play more. Remember to be hands-on. All of that needs reinforcement again. Remember to be patient. Remember to see the worl from their point of view. Focus on my strengths. Remember that I am a good mother.

FINANCIAL: Organize finances. Find a good accountant or learn how to do my taxes or possibly both.

FRIENDS: Listen more. Give more of myself.

HEALTH: Buy insurance ASAP! Once again, look into gym memberships, this time make it happen since it is affordable now. Walk around town when possible. Drink more water. Limit fast food (this has recently become a problem), make more meals at home. Watch FoodTV more since I find it inspires me to actually cook at home. Plan meals to freeze for nights when we need a quick fix. Practice good posture.

MENTAL HEALTH: Work and work and work on anxiety. Do not let it take over my life. Continue to learn to love myself. Continue to become a stronger person on my own. Continue to learn to make my own decisions. Continue to be happy with myself regardless of who I am talking to, what I look like that day, or how much I weigh.

HOME: REorganize home. I found last year that it needs to happen on a regular basis around here. Keep it organized. Either buy a home or make this one lovely on the outside. Possibly both? Buy artwork for the home to hang on the walls. Decorate the dinette and bedrooms.

LOVE: Find more time to bond with the man. More dates alone – maybe once a month? Try try try to work on communication.

PERSONAL: Turn 30! Spoil myself silly. Get a new tattoo. Get new jewelry for my ears. Buy tons of lovely jewelry on Etsy to fill my new jewelry box. Invest in clothes that fit and make me feel good about myself. Continue finding joy in my hobbies. Love life.

CAREER: Redo the SOAM website. Make it something even more special. Go to BlogHer, and find other ways to get the message out into the community.

TEACHER: Find a groove. Or not and be happy with it. Read more classical literature to the kids. Do more art. Be more active in the community. Enroll kids in more classes. More outside time. Daily playground trips.

TRAVEL: Disneyland for sure. Road trip to Frisco for the BlogHer convention. Road trip somewhere else for the next big APU gathering.




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4 01 2008

Um, your year sounds like its going to be a lot of fun! Can I come be in your family? 🙂

18 01 2009
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