Uberlist in Review: 2007

27 12 2007

At the beginning of this year, I made a list of goals for this year instead of the usual one resolution. Let’s see how I did…

CRAFT: This one I’m stealing: “Knit for Holiday 2007 throughout the year,” learn to felt, and maybe pick up crochet. Become more active in the weekly knitting group. Find time to write here and there. Enjoy photography and frame my favorites.

Well, about the only things I did here are learn to felt and the bits about photography. I discovered early in the year that the people who I had mainly intended to knit for this holiday season would no longer be on my gift list so I was off the hook for that bit. And I decided I am busy enough without having yet another group to be a part of so I’m OK with not having become more active in the knitting circle. An extension of this is that I have become comfortable with the fact that I am a sporadic knitter, rather than trying to push myself to knit regularly. I never did write and I am a little sad for that, but I have had a fufilling year and discovered a whole new artistic side to myself so I feel happy anyway.

FAMILY: Yell less. Play more. Remember to be hands-on. Try to let go of the anger and hurt I feel towards those who’ve hurt me.

I continually work on yelling less. Sometimes I do well, and sometimes I do not. Likely this is something I will struggle with all my life. I have, however, become a more playful mom, and have been more hands-on although I have a ways to go there, as well.

As for the anger? It’s still there, but it’s not for me anymore. I have forgiven for my own pain and now my anger is there because I pity these people who make the decision to live their life in such an ignorant way for they will never truly be happy. I am angry because I think they are capable of better.

FINANCIAL: Set aside money for emergencies and for special activities. Don’t spend it! Don’t! I mean it!

Yah, well, HAHAHAHAHA! On the other hand finances have been better in general this year – the husband got a good raise in January which made us able to live comfortably and not struggle to make ends meet for the first time since I left work nearly six years ago. Also, and partly due to the extra income I am sure, we have been far more responsible with money and I am happy to say that even though we did not save any money, we also did not squander it on things unnecessary. So I would declare this area a success even though the goal was not met. Yay!

FRIENDS: This one I’m stealing: “Tell every single friend how much I love them and the way they’ve shaped my life”

Oy. What was I thinking? I adore my many friends, but I did not complete this goal at all. I thought of it many times during the year, but I discovered it was really quite emotional for me and took to much to begin the task, let alone send a letter to every single friend. Oy. I’m not sure I can call this successful at all.

HEALTH: Get back on track with fitness, look into gym memberships. Get active at least daily. Cut back on sugar. Eat out less. Look into buying insurance if there’s any extra income in the next year. Balance progesterone. Get back into good water habits.

Hrm. I did balance my progesterone. Well, probably mostly anyway. I also looked into buy a gym membership, but there was not enough cash at the time, and I’ve been waffling about insurance for nearly one year now, but have not purchased it. The rest? Utter failure. *sigh* Oh, wait, no, we ate out less for much of the year, but recently I have been struggling with this again. I have no desire to cook anymore. I think it’s because I don’t watch FoodTV enough anymore.

HOME: Organize my house. Buy or create organizers where necessary. Purge junk, one drawer at a time. When my house is clean, my brain works better. Finally put pictures on walls. Get new furniture. Cook and freeze easy meals to avoid eating out so much.

This one is nearly a total success. I started early in the year organizing and I did very well. One thing I did not count on? My husband? He is like a tornado that follows me around undoing everything I’ve just done. He is worse than my children, I swear. Perhaps not in volume of destruction, but sure in the sense that HE SHOULD KNOW BETTER. Anyway, we did put pictures on the walls (have a few walls still to go) and we got a new dinette set and a new computer desk and chair. Oh and the kids both have dressers now.

LOVE: Go out on the occasional date. The kind without kids!

Done and done!

PERSONAL: Get pierced! Find the perfect tattoo. Get a haircut more often than every six months. Read more books, aim for one a month. Search for the right religious path. Put more time and love into SOAM.

Pierced – check! Tattoo – found and found and done! Haircut? Not so much. I think I’ve had two this year. Books – check! Religious path? I dunno, I feel more and more pagan, but I believe it’s found me, not the other way around. I am happy where I am for now anyway. SOAM – Check! Did I have a mental health category? Cause I need one.

TEACHER: Bring more education – formal and informal – into our daily routine. Find the right charter for us and register M for kindergarten. Look into and possibly purchase curriculum.

This has been a year up ups and downs. We found a Charter, got screwed by said Charter and dumped it. Waiting to hear about enrollment in a new one. I’m also up and down and all around in my homeschooling philosophy so it’s been hard to decide which, if any curriculum to purchase. I’m in limbo about this right now.

TRAVEL: Disneyland, if that counts. Possible: road trip to Colorado. Not likely, but on my dream list: BlogHer in Chicago. Perhaps a weekend getaway in the mountains?

Disneyland was it, babe. But that’s OK. There is travel for sure in the coming year. Whoot!!

I’ll be thinking about next year and will create a new list for it sometime in the next week or so. Hope you are having some happy holidays!




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31 12 2007

this is very cool, i’m gonna steal catagories to help me get thoughts in order 🙂

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