19 12 2007

My dad sent us some gifts off our Amazon Wishlists to Christmas. My own list had a whopping one item on it, so it wasn’t much of a surprise (which is ok by me! I just like the gift). In any case, I decided I didn’t need to wait until Christmas to use it and I pulled it out and began learning about my Holga.


It’s a cheap little camera that takes pretty darn cool photos. Like this one. But let me emphasize the bit about it being cheap. The instructions are just awesome, with suggestions such as, Place some strong tape onto the batteries’ ends to make sure that they stay in place! or The Holga is somewhat notorious for loose connections between the film roll and take-up spool … take a small, thin piece of cardboard and jam it below the film spool after you have loaded it. Love it. Another feature is that the film does not automatically advance itself which is great if you intend to take multiple exposures, and less so if you forget to advance it. On the other hand there are all sorts of interesting modifications you can make to the camera like this one where you can fit 35mm film to it, or like this one which will turn your camera into a “PinHolga”.

The downside to all this is, of course, that I will have to get myself used to using film once again. And not just any film, but medium-format which as far as I am aware no one-hour places will take. This means I will have to wait several days for them to be developed. What? Madness, right? On top of that, I have to pay them to see my pictures. It’s crazy, I’m telling you. It’s like living in ancient times. You know. The 80’s.




5 responses

19 12 2007

Or the 21st century if you’re me! Have fun! * goodie *

20 12 2007

Wow, your photos are gorgeous! What sort of settings are you using to get colour like that? It’s amazing. LOL @ the “suggestions” re. the camera…at least they’re honest about their shortcomings!

20 12 2007

No, no no! That’s not MY photo. I have yet to develop a roll of film and I’m sure I won’t be that lucky.

21 12 2007

oh. DUH. I was obviously SO paying attention to whose flickr account that was.
again. DUH!
But I hope yours are lovely as well!

21 12 2007

That camera looks so cool! I can’t wait to see what you do with it!

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