Guess where I went today?

28 11 2007

guess where i went today?


The answer is even BETTER. Sort of. You know, if you hate all those fun rides and stuff.

One of the local-ish outlet malls (Viejas for you locals) has a temporary DisneyLAND clearance store. OMGWTF!? We’ve been talking about going all week. The husband even considered taking a day off work to go. No, really. We are that geeky about Disneyland.

The sweatshirt? I’ve been regretting not buying for the last two years but at $42 I could not justify it at the time. But the store today had it! And it was only $12! Awesome!

And the Minnie ears? Eh. I would not have bought them at the full price of $10+, but at NINETY-TWO PERCENT OFF how could I NOT get them? I think I might buy a bag of shit if someone sold it to me for 92% off.

Along the same vein, I also bought some other random weird crap I would not normally spend money on. Like the Chip & Dale popcorn buckets I don’t even know what I will use them for? But they were THIRTY-FIVE CENTS. And you cannot pass up such things. The Gods of shopping will see you pass that up and curse you from enjoying a sale ever again. The husband says we will take them to the park and buy refills of popcorn for cheap. I don’t know if they do that, but it sounds worth a try, no?

All in all, I’d say this might be the best day ever. I know I’m supposed to say that about the days my children were born, but, you see, my children did not come on sale at NINETY-TWO PERCENT OFF. So I think maybe they are bumped down to second.




3 responses

29 11 2007

I don’t care what it is, if it’s ninety-two percent off, I would buy it, too!

I’m sure you can find something wicked cool to do with the popcorn buckets. Love the sweatshirt and the ears!

29 11 2007

Maybe you could return your children under warranty and get your money back. Then wait a day or two and go and buy them back at what is sure to be a knockdown price. Fun for all the family, I’d say.

29 11 2007

i think those ears make your eyes look even greener…you should wear them often…

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