So. Hi.

24 11 2007

I am stealing a few moments of Husband Time to post here. I am finding it increasingly difficult to get in here what with all my other duties, but here’s the quick run-down.

*I’m rich, biatch! Well, not really, but Goddess bless BlogHer for making my life less difficult. Only time will tell how consistent it remains but for now it looks like I might have a paycheck of my very own. I will head straight out next week and buy me some medical insurance. Woot!

I’ve had issues since the beginning of earning money off SOAM, but my friends remind me again and again that I work for it and that even non-profits pay their employees a salary. Besides, I do not feel I am exploiting anything by taking ads and I intend to put money back into the site as well. Which brings us to question #1 – what do you think would make the site more awesome? Leave a comment and let me know.

*Due to the above, I ran right out and bought myself a laptop for work. YES, it’s for work. I swear. Maybe a little bit for fun, but mostly work. It’s quite nice actually, to be able to keep my work stuff separate from my other stuff, helps me to stay organized and top of things. Plus I can sit at the table while the kids color and we can all feel like we’ve been spending time together. It’s lovely. And when I leave town – like for BlogHer next summer – I can bring it with me and keep working.

*Which brings me to BlogHer. The good news is that it’s fairly close – Frisco! So I can drive instead of fly. Which is good because I have sworn myself never to fly without my children until they are old enough to take care of themselves. (Don’t try to argue my logic here, OK? You won’t win.) The better news is that for once it is NOT the same weekend as Comic Con so I don’t have to feel like I am depriving the husband of his own convention. Woot!

*And now for something completely different…
Almost two weeks ago now, some good friends came into town to visit. I’ve known Dar online for over three years now but had not met her in person and once again I found it to be funny just how normal it is to meet someone in person for the first time when you’ve known them online for so long. It just felt like she was back again, rather than for the first time. Strange and lovely. Our girls are just aboput the same age and became immediate friends right away, which is, apparently, unusual for Dar’s daughter to feel so comfortable right away, but as soon as dinner was over, Chloe was aksing to strip down to her undies so I think that’s a good sign. We spent the next day at the zoo (where it was surreal to run into Elaine who had once known Dar on the same message board), let them have Thursday to themselves to explore Mexico, and we spent Friday morning at Balboa Park until it was time to drop them off at the airport. It was lovely. (Click on the photo to see the whole set)

close encounters of the arctic kind

*And last week I spent cooking in prep for our own special Thanksgiving – which is, of course, my very favorite meal EVER. Excluding the canned pumpkin I used and, of course, the Cool Whip because of my dairy intolerance, I made everything from scratch right down to the cornbread for the stuffing. It was a lovely quiet day and I counted my blessings:

Baby E speaks

my daughter becoming more reasonable as she grows
my husband holding me up emotionally when I need him (like, all the time)
my best friend who is just an amazing person
my other best friend who adopted me this year
And all the rest of the friends, too.
my neighborhood
a paycheck!
my minivan
and much, much more

I hope that’s enough to bring you up to speed in my life. For now anyway. Have a lovely week and hopefully I’ll be back sooner than later!



2 responses

25 11 2007

Dang. I wish we could road trip it to BlogHer together, but I don’t think I’ll be going next summer. Too many other plans.

26 11 2007

Everything sounds so great for you. I’m glad SOAM is taking the stress away a bit for you and you really should use that money. You have worked so hard on it; it IS your salary.

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