One of those days…

12 11 2007

Do you ever have one of those days where you wish every single person in your family would just move away to the planet they came from already? Because clearly they are not Earthlings.

The husband seems to think the ATM card is a magic piece of plastic that spews forth cash whenever you want. If I dare to suggest otherwise he gets mad. At me. Because it’s all my fault, you know. I invented Capitalism.

The daughter is very observant today. She notices whatever her brother wants and decides she must have THAT ONE RIGHT NOW AND NO SUBSTITUTIONS. And then she will rage at me all over the house if her wish is not granted. Because it is all my fault.

The son has taken to wailing madly when he is hungry, great alligator tears streaming down, and if he really gets going, a nice stream of drool. Awesome. This, also, is all my fault. If my children are not fed every hour on the hour, they turn into werewolves.

Essentially? I am the root of all evil. Just in case you were wondering.



5 responses

12 11 2007

So that was probably you who made me forget to buy a body pillow at Target this morning, wasn’t it?!

12 11 2007

Thanks for making me eat too much sugar tonight while out with friends, leaving me with a big ol’ yucky bellyache.

13 11 2007

evil is hilarious…. šŸ™‚

13 11 2007

I’m with the husband on this one… why can’t the ATM card just bring us money?? What do you mean that it comes out of our bank account!!! Not fun being responsible!

26 11 2007

My DH has been that same with the ATM card lately. Our budget this month (and last) is down the drain. Not good with our ins costs going up= less money in the paycheck.

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