And so it begins.

9 11 2007


Two days ago we spent some time at Sea World with some homeschool friends. My daughter is a slow poke at the best of times, but she attached herself to a friend’s daughter and they enjoyed a nice leisurely stroll at the speed of approximately 15 feet per hour all. over. the. park. I began to tire of reminding her to stay close every two minutes, so I finally told her that if she didn’t keep up, I’d have her hold on to the stroller I was pushing to keep pace.

I swear to God she ROLLED HER EYES AT ME. Jenny saw it, too. She can vouch for it.

Then, yesterday we were at Subway for lunch and I was bored having eaten at home before we left so I started playing with my phone. “Cheese!” I told her and the face above is what I got.

My daughter is 5 1/2 going on 13. *sigh*




One response

9 11 2007

Oh yes, it was a blatant eye roll.

And Solana can’t wait to see her “best friend” again next week. Silly teens. Erm, kids.

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