Adventures With Stupid People (Nov 07 Version)

9 11 2007

Yesterday I received a phone call from Healthy Families, the state insurance program my kids are covered by. They wanted to let me know that one of my proofs of income was invalid and I should send another. I asked them why it was invalid and they said I should call Healthy Families. I reminded them gently that they are, in fact, Healthy Families and maybe they could just transfer me to someone who could help me. They assured me that would be impossible because this is just a courtesy call and, apparently, courtesy does not extend to being helpful in any way.

So, I called Healthy Families where I proceeded to have this conversation:

Them: Your paystub does not have any deductions on it.
Me: That is because my employer does not take any deductions.
Them: Well, the paystub has to show deductions or it is invalid.
Me: But they don’t take any deductions. What am I supposed to do about that? I can’t change the paystub!
Them: Have your employer write us a letter on letterhead explaining that they don’t take any deductions and that should be OK.
Me: Hrm. OK, see, my employer is Google. I don’t think they are really that personal of a company. I can’t see them doing this.
Them: The paystub needs deductions on it.


I just fell over from a brain hemorrhage.

Well, I’m off to try to write a letter explaining the whole damn situation to them in the hopes that they will break the fragile walls of their little world to see a new type of situation. Wish us luck!




5 responses

9 11 2007

Methinks the world’s idiots work phones. (I’m not saying that everyone who works a phone is an idiot, just… you know.)

10 11 2007

what? your employer is google??

10 11 2007

For lack of a better word, yes. I have AdSense for SOAM

14 11 2007

I would tell them that if my pay stub is invalid, then the pay CHECK must have been invalid, which means that you don’t have any income. So, no need to verify. Problem solved. Let them try to figure that one out lol

22 11 2007

Technically I think you’d be considered an independent contractor/self-employed and the check is part of your earnings. Maybe their compuer will be better able to digest that, instead of Google as your employer with an invalid employer/employee pay stub. đŸ™‚

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