Nosy Personal Question for Those who have BlogHer Ads

3 11 2007

1. Is it just me or is the site bizarrely impossible to use? I cannot run reports nor can I see what the response is when I submit a help ticket.

2. Is it normal to receive a strangely large check from them or is that just a really awful typo? SOAM gets something like 2,000,000 page views a month? I think? Numbers make my brain hurt.





3 responses

3 11 2007

I’ve made a grand $12 in 2 months … so I’m not sure I can be of any use here.

3 11 2007

dunno anything ’bout BlogHer ads, but if you’re curious about pageviews, it’s really easy to sign up for a Google Analytics account and add some code to the SOAM template so you can see for yourself what the pageview count is like. lemme know if you want some help w/ it.

7 11 2007
lola coca-cola

It really wouldn’t surprise me if you got that many hits. And awesome if you can make some real income from SOAM!!!

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