Fire Storm 2007

22 10 2007

I’m feeling nervous today because of all the fires.

It’s hot, but too smoky to open the windows.

I stepped outside a while ago to snap some photos and noticed it was oddly quiet. What sound there was, was muffled. There were also a host of unusual bugs flying around.

Wind was gusting up to 70 miles an hour last night which made me mighty nervous.


They say it’s worse, or going to get worse, than back in 2003. So far, what I see outside doesn’t compare to the pics I have of last time.

I really wish Alex were home today.




2 responses

22 10 2007

I’ve been thinking of you guys. Stay safe. (((hugs))).

22 10 2007

I was wondering if you were near where all the fires are going on. Keep updating so those of us who worry don’t have to worry so much 😉

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