Security object?

21 10 2007

Years ago before I even had kids, I watched Blue’s Clues. Because it is a cute show, dammit, and also Steve is a little hot. But that is all beside the point. The point is that I bought a little toy of Steve’s notebook – the one with the thinking chair – because it is damn cute.

E rediscovered this toy last night and announced to me, “bo-boat!” which is toddlerese for “notebook” of course.

When I went to lay him down, he held tightly to the bo-boat. At first it seemed to be keeping him awake so I took it from him and placed it behind me. He nurse a bit, every so often popping off to sweetly whimper, “bo-boat.” When he’d had enough of my monkey business he reached over me to get it, gripped it tightly and rolled over to go to sleep. No nursing, even! (This may be my ticket… we shall see!)

And the first thought he had this morning? A sad little, “bo-boat!” I pointed him to where it was and he grabbed it right up and has been chattering to it ever since.

It’s damn cute.




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