I have fallen IN LOVE.

19 10 2007

With a house.

Not sure if I mentioned this but last June I threw a hissy fit when we got our rent raise notice and I declared We Were Buying A House, Dammit. And then I realized we were too fucking broke to ever actually get one, so I’ve tried to stop thinking about it and mostly resigned myself to living forever in an apartment.

For awhile now I’ve heard rumblings of the housing market falling, but it wasn’t until I started to notice about 25% of homes have a for sale sign that I decided to go ahead and maybe start looking again. I spent roughly 30 seconds on realtor.com before I found the perfect home.

Three bedrooms. Just over 1,000 square feet. Beautiful, relatively spacious yard. Two car garage built separately behind the house. Long driveway that curves around towards the back. Well, here. You look.

Lovely, no?

The house is in National City which is (not so) affectionately known by the rest of San Diego as “Nasty City” however, this particular neighborhood is good (possibly the only “good” neighborhood in the city). This house is located on the same block as some of my favorite historical Victorian homes, and about two blocks away from the home that the WalMart family owns. Not only is it a neighborhood I’d settle for, but I’d be thrilled to live there.

And the kicker? It’s only listed at $250,000!!! OMGWTF!? How is that even possible? Horrible things run through my mind – does it need a new roof? About to fall apart from termites? Is it haunted?!

Still, even though it’s probably built on an old Indian Burial Ground, I can’t stop thinking about it and the first chance I got, I drove by. It’s perfect (granted, I’m no home inspector). But, by reading the flier, I figured out the reason for the low price. It’s not the list price at all, but the suggested opening price for auction.


Goodbye sweet dreams of a three-bedroom little nest for my family. Even if it was haunted.

I’ve half a mind to see if we can get a loan and just see what happens at auction anyway. And then even if we don’t get it, we’d be most of the way to owning some sort of house.




3 responses

20 10 2007

Dude, try to get a loan.

20 10 2007

Yes. dude, try to get a loan and also, find out who else might be bidding in this house auction and knock them all off before the auction commences.

29 10 2007

lol at amesie

that is a perfect house bonnie. i love it!

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