OMG the horror!

6 10 2007

I’m not being melodramatic. I was seriously and truly horrified.

We went to the Fall Festival at Camp Cahito today which was, in general, a blast. I adore Cahito. It’s this woodsy, quiet little place smack in the middle of the city. You would never know it was there, it’s so well hidden, and once inside, you can hardly tell the city is still bustling around you.

So we met some friends there and M and her friend, L, rode ponies, played games, got balloon sculptures, played in the bouncy house, had cotton candy and… pet some birds and medium-sized rodents* in a petting zoo.

Which was fine. Until baby E wanted to pet the birds, too. I wasn’t sure about it, but the girl who was running the booth assured me it was fine for him to go. I assumed that meant other kids his age did well in there. It was really just a little fenced off area, not big enough for adults really to go in. I realize now I should have gone anyway, but I tend to get a little distracted by the camera (who? me? never!).

We told him top be gentle when he tried picking a chick up by it’s butt (ick! ick! ick! kids are SO gross!), but it was when he tried to stomp another that we had to pull him out by his sleeve.

I’m so angry with myself for not handling that better. What could have been a beautiful learning experience turned into, instead, all of us yelling at him to stop and a baby bird nearly getting hurt in the process (though I think it will need several years of therapy).

Also, it’s a little creepy seeing a small boy giggling with absolute glee while trying his damnedest to squash a helpless bird. Also, it’s a teensy bit funny. But only in that people tend to have to laugh to live through certain situations. Just don’t tell PETA I said that, mkay?

chicken terrorist




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