Just for the record…

4 10 2007

I DO NOT WANT a new stadium in my town. NO NO NO.

#1 – The Chargers suck ass.

#2 – We already made a big stadium for them and those ingrates now want to screw with my traffic.

#3 – OMG this seriously pisses me off.

#4 – This is pretty incoherent for far.

If they must put it in CV, Lordy I hope they stick it in Eastlake. I mean, I’m all for getting rid of the CV power plant, but why can’t we replace it with, like, Nature or some shit like that?

Possibly most importantly here… What will happen to the pink water at the salt factory if they build a stadium? (Like how I was able to tie in the photo I took today here?)

mt salt and the pink ocean




3 responses

5 10 2007

OK, I don’t get it. First of all, didn’t they just build Qualcomm stadium…not that long ago? And also, if they have a contract w/San Diego to play there through 2019…why are they looking for new stadium sites NOW?

That pink water is um. Very pink.

5 10 2007

that last picture looks like it’s out of a dr. seuss book…yikes..

5 10 2007

The long story, Amy, is that we had Jack Murphy Stadium since… I don’t know, the dawn of time I think. We wanted to host the SuperBowl, but the Murph was too small. So the City of San Diego decided to just tear half of it away and make it bigger. But then they ran out of money so it just sat there. All of this was w/o voter approval, BTW. So Qualcomm stepped in and paid for the rest in return for the name change and this contract.

So they made it bigger and then could never sell out a game.

So the Padres decided they wanted a brand-spankin-new ballpark, too.

So they got one.

And the Chargers felt jealous so they started gossiping about how the Padres are sluts and they stopped inviting them to tea parties.

Also they started threatening to leave to LA if they don’t get a new stadium of their own.

And I say, FOR HEAVEN’S SAKES LET THEM GO!!!!! They SUCK! Why people care this much is beyond me.

I think they should move to Anaheim and let Disney buy them and be called the Anaheim Pirates and be comprised entirely of Jack Sparrow.

Then I would allow them to build a stadium here in town.

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