My Caveman

1 10 2007

me & the caveman

The husband and I got away ALONE for a bit yesterday. We’re broke so we just walked around the mall together. Bought some Jelly Belly’s and See’s Candy, laughed at the $.25 massaging chairs… you know.

At one point, some people drove by and shouted something and gave the husband the thumbs-up. He is pretty vain so he automatically assumed it was a compliment about something about himself. He said the either liked his shirt or his beard. Beard?! Yes. Beard. OK, goof.

Later on, we were on the other side of the mall and two older teens walked past us and the girl shouted out, “Hey, man! Your hair rocks! Your beard is awesome! We’re the ones that drove by you earlier… You look like a caveman!”

That? Awesome. Some thoughts…

#1 – is that a compliment? Looking like a caveman?
#2 – is that even polite to say??
#3 – is it because of Geico? Cavemen are the new black?

The husband said, “Well, at least we know what the thumbs-up was for.”




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