So I was wrong…

26 09 2007

Funnel Clouds
Originally uploaded by Four Doxn.

…about the storm. (this is not my picture, BTW) And there were, in fact, funnel clouds. An army of them.

Which, of course reminds me of my very favorite terrible movie, The Day After Tomorrow. There is a scene in which an army of tornadoes descend on Los Angeles. And it is rad. But not as rad as the scene in which Jake Gyllenhaal outruns the super storm which will freeze you in a split second and hides in the library which saves his life due to the fact that they burn books in the fireplace. Awesome I tell you. Awesome. Not the book burning park. I mean the part about how fucking impossible it all is.

Also there are wolves. For some reason.

*ahem* But I was saying…

So I was wrong. In my defense, this photo was taken in North County, about 40 minutes from me and I SWEAR it’s like a different weather system up there. For instance – the day I got my tattoo was a sunny, warm, pleasant August afternoon. When I watched the news that evening, I discovered that North County had had a HUGE storm dump like tons of rain on them causing flooding complete with thunder, lightning and the end of the world.

Except not that last bit. Cause we are still here. And so are the tornadoes.

Also, this photo reminds me eerily of a dream I had once. Famous last words: I was driving along the coast and I saw about 20 tornados over the ocean. First, I was terrified, but then reason set in and I realized it must be a dream because, although we get the occasional waterspout, tornados like that just don’t happen here (or anywhere LOL). Psychic, no?




2 responses

27 09 2007

Ugh, those funnel clouds are scary. I have visions of a bad witch coming down at the end of each point.
I’ve heard that happens.

27 09 2007

Cool pic!

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