The News Lies

22 09 2007

Every single day for the last 3 or 4 days the news has promised us this giant super storm complete with thunder, tornadoes (yes! They said that!), flash floods and your general hellfire and damnation.

And every single day it’s been sunny and beautiful. Windy, perhaps. But sunny and beautiful nonetheless.

But the news continues to play this practical joke on us.

“No, this time we MEAN it! *giggle* Really. It’s gonna be HUGE! *snicker* Biggest storm ever! *guffaw* We swear!”

It did rain this morning. But so far I haven’t heard any thunder or seen any funnel clouds and I have not yet been swept away in a flash flood Universal Studios-style. Currently, they are saying LA is getting it all, but I am fairly certain that’s just a way out of their failed little April Fool’s joke.




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