A Public Service Announcement

20 09 2007

Many times when I take my kids to the playground, I actively play with them. But on occasion when we meet some of my mommy friends at a playground I like the chance to chat with them while the kids run free.

Today was one such day.

I do my best to let my kids learn to handle physical obstacles on their own. I have a terrible fear of heights, too, so in some circumstances, I step in too often or too quickly, but when it’s low to the ground, I generally let them try to work out how to climb a ladder (or whatever) themselves. If they truly are stuck, I will help them, but sometimes I watch them to see if they will work it out on their own.

Today was one such day.

Add the two together plus another mom nearby my son, and I look like one lazy bitch. She helped him climb over a bar and then shot me some dirty looks. Clearly she thought I was neglectful and not worthy of mothering my boy.

To add a cherry on top of the whole damn sundae, later on I was having a conversation with a friend of mine who can be very blunt and matter-of-fact about things. We were lamenting the baby stage and how sometimes things are tough – babies crying in the car all the way home, not getting to eat, etc, you know the stuff. I loved mothering my babies and cherished their chubby cheeks and sweet necks and everything else there is to love about babies, but I don’t sugar coat it – life got shitty sometimes (as it still does). I think most mothers would agree. I love talking to Claire because she knows what I mean when I say, “Sometimes life sucks with babies” – she knew I loved my babies deeply, but that I also remember the reality of it. But there was another mom nearby (with a baby – d’oh!) who clearly did not understand and shot me a dirty look. Claire assured me that it didn’t matter because right after that, she klonked her baby’s head on a bar by accident.

Moral of the story: Just because you see a neglectful, lazy, heartless bitch at the playground, try to remember she might actually be a super sweet, hilarious, loving mother who just really really loves the taste of her own feet.




4 responses

20 09 2007

You should hop on over to http://www.truemomconfessions.com. It always makes me feel better.

21 09 2007

what a great psa…can i send it to all the mamas i know? that is hilarious….

21 09 2007

I don’t feel bad (about this!), Alana. I know I wasn’t being a bad mom. But I also know I sure LOOKED like it. LOL I will bookmark that link for future reference for SURE!

24 09 2007

You’re a riot, Bons!

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